To Give Painless Light

by Mark Carey and The Fnords

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An eclectic album of folk electronica which is a total sonic and lyrical journey from beginning to end. The first album of the Fnords from 2010.


released June 9, 2016

Musicians: Mark Carey, Gavin Lane, Yani, Laura May, Paul Barrington
Produced by: Julian Barnett



all rights reserved


The Fnords Semaphore, Australia

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Track Name: Crazy Cloud
Crazy Cloud

Petals are falling on north terrace at dawn
A feeling so old like you’ve just been born
Coming down
From a night on the town
But I could still walk for miles yet
& nowhere yet I have to get

I was down in the park
Writing verse chorus verse
Relegislating the universe

Watched the fireball spiral philharmonic inferno
Smile on the face of the night
from beneath an old tree
away from the streetlights

Marvels by the minute went cheap
My tongue slept to speak
Of the visionary vast vaults
Of that vibrating deep

Caught beat of the black swans’ feet
& the timing & rhyme of the primes
Danced in a lavender lane
With my mind aflame and my eyes ashine
talking aloud to no-one near
blessing all that’s yet to fall
& all still to appear

and a morning glory
told me it’s story
as the first light first shone clear

In another century
I would have worn clogs and threadbare shroud
And wandered this country
Like a crazy cloud

A foam of forms a fountain of filaments
A harmonic garden
A music of mountains
A catastrophe of shattered dew drops
A bordello of bassoons
An overflow of autumn
An unsigned poem
Unmown forests
A foliage of fireworks
Gasseous glass spiders
A helium beach

All for you my love
Track Name: Goldwater Rain
Goldwater Rain

Goldwater - A mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids. A highly corrosive liquid that will dissolve gold and other resistant substances.

Running through the evening
Running through the day
The river of Fate
In the Ocean of Space

In a million years
Meteors pelt the beaches
Lay me down
In the cold reaches

Goldwater Rain
Goldwater Rain

What became of the loves become photographs?
Earthquakes silent to the seismograph

I see you across the room
I see you across the world

Under Berlin’s Glass Clouds
You were 5ft 10” tall
A perfect smile
On a perfect body

& I feel like I’m missing
Memories faded to extinction
Pieces of sleep
A pale landscape
Desert heat

stunned in the unbearable light
Like the blast of the full-noon sun at midnight

Goldwater Rain
Goldwater Rain

The future disappears
With it’s harvests of blood
& harvests of roses
I leave no footprint
No last wishes
Track Name: Fission Chips
Fission Chips

I was brighter
I was better
They Picked me out
Snowed me under

Took the high road
Makes me wonder
The broken bodies
Ploughed them under

The bombers line up on their run
A blow of the finger on the drum
& Toy soldiers
Tumble down

Of course I lied
Did what I thought was right
Put it out of mind
It was all justified
At the time


At Ground Zero
Watching the falling leaves

at Abssolute zero
this is the plaugue of thebes

Road side reflectors
Crosses & flowers

Vanished between point A & point B
My lovers search the autumn leaves
for peices of me

(Background: Windows open all across the world
Demons crawling through the firewall)

To every man is given
The keys to the gates of heaven & that same
Key opens The gates to hell

Take apart the jugganaught
Let it rust (x 3)
Track Name: In the shoes of absolute zero
In The Shoes Of Absolute Zero

If you can smile, break the spell
sail through my brain

Each wave washes the marks of the last
The Deep forgets, it's all the same

If I could escape
From all we’ve been
Strange days breed
yet stranger dreams

Carry on, Let it go

I want to lie
Buried in the tide
Mistakes are made, lives are changed
In the blink of an eye

Please forgive me
It wasn’t me
just somehing
rattling my cage.

Carry on, Let it go
Carry on, Let it go
Track Name: The international travel avant garde
The International Travel Avant Garde

I’ll take you higher
In this little bird of gears & wires
Around the world in just one day

Oh, why so sad ?
Everyhing you need you have
Every colour, every shape
Track Name: Stella maris
Stella Maris

Stella Maris -a female protector or guiding spirit at sea (a title sometimes given to the Virgin Mary). ORIGIN Latin, literally ‘star of the sea.’

Wipe the sleep from the ice
my love are you sad tonight?

aroura singoirina
burning sodium balerina
white dove
the love I never knew

A man adrift on a slim spar
He shrinks to nothing from afar

Slow light makes new memories
Shares secrets in the breathing chrome

Now we could just drift forever
Just on inertia
You wait here
Until you are pure

Open the wings to catch the rays
Open the wings to catch the waves

& there’s a home for the little children
far above the bright blue sky
among the God strewn galaxies
that raise no walls.
A life beyond
What we ‘ve known as life

Open the wings to catch the rays
Open the wings to catch the waves